Kodo is an easy to sign up corporate card for your business expenses. Kodo corporate cards are paired with seamless spend management tools that help you free up time & get better control of your company’s expenses.

Yes. You can issue Kodo cards to as many team members as you like. If you have admin rights on Kodo, you can add team members easily by logging into Kodo. You’ll get a real time view and analytics of the spends done using all the Kodo cards in your company. If a team member leaves the company, you can easily block the card on Kodo.

Kodo is accepted globally at any online or offline merchant who accepts Mastercard.

You can start using your virtual Kodo card instantly. Your physical card will be delivered to you within 10 days of your account going live.

Kodo card is issued in the name of your company. The repayments are made directly from your company’s account. You don’t need to stress about getting re-imbursements every month or before the end of the accounting year.

From an accounting and tax perspective, it’s prudent to keep your personal and business expenses separate. You don’t want to worry about proving later that the re-imbursement amount you received in your personal account is not taxable salary.

Also, using the Kodo card and making repayments on time will also help you build a good credit score for your business.

On Kodo, as soon as you do a transaction, you can take a photo of your receipts from within the app for expense filing. You can also email receipts or add from your gallery. At the end of the month, expense reports are generated automatically and sent to you. You don’t need to store paper receipts, that can fade with time, and then spend hours reconciling and making excel spreadsheets for expense reports.

Kodo also helps you keep track of your subscriptions. You can directly block & unblock company wide subscriptions.

A debit card gives anyone carrying it, access to the entire cash balance in your company’s bank account. That’s why you typically have to make a special request to get a debit card at the time of opening your company’s bank account. Kodo cards provide additional security and fraud protection.

Also, debit cards cannot be issued to multiple team members. Kodo allows you to easily issue multiple cards with set spend limits and monitor them in real time using it’s integrated expense management tool.

We have partnered with State Bank of Mauritius for card issuance.

We have also partnered with ICICI Bank and RBL Bank for their banking APIs to provide you a seamless & instant financial services experience.


  1. When you click on Get Kodo, we ask you a few questions and give an instant response on your eligibility for Kodo. Final approval is given within 24 hours of you sharing the applicable business information required from you.
  2. Regulations require us to collect KYC documents from our customers. You can either complete your KYC through our automated EKYC link or through a manual process.
  3. Post KYC completion, your Kodo card will be activated.

We offer hassle-free repayment. We automatically debit your business account (the same account you link in the onboarding process by signing the NACH form) on the due date. If your NACH has not yet been registered, you can repay through NEFT or Net Banking options in the Repay section of Kodo web/ app.

Your credit limit is decided based on your personal profile, credit history and business profile – cash balance, spending patterns, existing liabilities etc.

Your Kodo card is valid for 3 years and your credit limit is reviewed annually.


Kodo card is for your business expenses. So, any kind of a business setup is eligible for Kodo. Private Limited Companies, LLP/Partnership firms, Sole Proprietorships and professional self employed people are eligible for Kodo.


Yes, expenses made on the card have an interest-free period of 38 days. Repayment is due on the 8th of the following month.

Kodo Credit Card - Schedule of Charges
Particulars Fees in INR (Taxes additional)
Late Payment of Credit Card Bill 2.5% of overdue amount + GST
Forex Fee 2.5% + GST
ATM Withdrawal Fee 2.5% of withdrawal amount
Kodo Prepaid Card - Schedule of Charges
Particulars Fees in INR (Taxes additional)
Forex Fee 2% + GST
ATM Withdrawal Fee INR 20 + GST


In case of any queries, please write to us at [email protected] or call / WhatsApp us on +919321024013